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Sizing Guide Bra Size Calulator

Calculate your bra size with our easy to use bra size calculator

Finding a bra that fits well, looks great and gives you the support you need can often be a minefield. So it's important to get your size right. We are bra fitting specialists and committed to helping you find the perfect fitting bra. Read the bra sizing guide below and use our 'bra sizes calculator' to quickly calculate your bra size.


Bra underband measurement

Measure immediately below the bust ensuring that the tape measure remains horizontal around your body.  This must be a firm measurement as the underband supports approximately 85% of the weight of the breasts.

Full bust measurement

Measure around the fullest part of the bust, this should be an accurate measurement, not too tight.


Put your measurements into the 'bra sizes calculator' and click 'check now' for your bra size.

Size isn't everything

Keep in mind that many of our continental bras brands do not size in DD, FF, GG and HH so don't forget to look at your alternative size. If your bra size is DD search for E, FF search for G, GG search for H and HH search for I to make sure you don't miss any of our beautiful bra products. Bra brands that do not size in doubles are: Prima Donna, Marie Jo, Lou and Aubade.

Calculate your bra size now by going to our  BRA SIZE CALCULATOR

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Bras inspiration!

Once you have calculated your bra size take a look at our gorgeous bras collections. We have a huge range of sizes and you'll love the styles:

Everyday luxury bras

Non wired bras

Bridal and special occasion bras

Maternity bras

Strapless bras

Do you need more help calculating your bra size?

Calculating your size on our bra size calculator is not a guarantee of finding the right size for you, however it should be a good indication. Whether or not you have calculated your size on the Bra Size Calculator, you may like more advice.

If you are still unsure of your bra size, you are welcome to phone us and speak to one of our bra fitting specialists on 023 9255 2764. We will be pleased to guide you through the process and advise on your bra size and bras that will best suit you.

PS Lingerie's Bra Size Calculator is a guide to your size.